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reignite the fire of love in your marriage

The Husband's Guide
to Creating Unforgettable Boudoir Experiences for Your Wife


  • Have you told your wife she is absolutely beautiful but she finds it hard to believe you?

  • Has she shared she doesn't feel the same or look the same despite your affirmations of her?

  • Ever take pictures of her but she doesn't love how she looks?

  • Do you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera but can't capture her the way you envision?

  • Interested in showing your wife how you see her in a way words can't express?

  • Do you want to learn how to privately capture your wife and reignite your intimacy by creating your OWN boudoir experience together?


Sign up for our Boudoir Coaching Workshop for Husbands today!

What you'll get:

✅ 1 on 1 Individualized Married Couples Session (YOU capture your wife!)
✅ Exclusive JSeboudoir Boudoir Camera Setting Guide

✅ Exclusive JSeboudoir Digital Posing Guide

✅ Exclusive JSeboudoir Lingerie Outfit Guide for ALL body types


What you'll learn:


💬 How to communicate effectively to your wife during the shoot

🧍‍♀️ Master picture perfect poses to capture the best shots of your wife every time

☀️ Create depth and emotion in your images through natural light

👗 Outfit guidance (which opens a fun conversation between you and your wife)

📷 Learn picture perfect settings for your camera & lens

When and Where to Use It:

✨ Birthdays, Anniversary Trips, Valentine’s, Christmas, Mother’s, Father’s Day

🖼️ Create lasting memories, private albums, and wall art for you to enjoy together forever

☀️ Look forward to upcoming trips and travel plans - new locations & new lighting means new images for you to create together!!


Who this can help:

✅ Married couples in all life stages (newlywed, expecting, post-partum, empty-nester, menopausal)

✅ Married couples seeking a new experience to strengthen their bond

✅ Wives needing rejuvenation of their selves and embracing their femininity

✅ Couples recovering/suffering from porn addiction - refocus your passion and attention on your wife as God intended







One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is teaching husbands to take stunning boudoir photos of their wives, even when they're in normal everyday clothes. What's truly inspiring is how, during the process, they start envisioning and dreaming ways to create even more captivating images together. This journey instills in the wife a newfound confidence and self-worth, seeing herself as the most beautiful woman in his eyes.

- Jason

Why trust us & our method:

🌟 3 years boudoir posing experience working with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes

🌟 Learn directly from Jason, published master photographer

The workshop is a safe learning environment with you, your wife, your camera, and with my expert guidance

Apply and learn how to pose your bride (fully clothed), using your camera. You take & keep all the images.

⛨ Take what you learn and apply it in the privacy between you and your wife 

⛨ Uplift your marriage & celebrates your intimacy 

⛨ Encourages you (husband) to keep your eyes and heart on your wife

She was beautiful then, today, and always. Let’s remind her of that.



We aim to teach husbands how to create unique boudoir photography experiences that will reignite the fire of love, celebrate marital intimacy, and capture intimate imagery to increase love in marriages.


What does JSeboudoir aspire to be?

To be a boudoir photography business that stands as a banner of hope and encouragement for married couples, helping each client with a servant's heart.

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