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because your marriage is worth celebrating

Our Core Ministry - Strengthening Marriages

We at JSeboudoir believe that your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship here on earth.

We as Christians are a people of remembrance and must often look back to the promises our God has fulfilled through our marriages, lest we forget.

We aim to help you remember the commitment you made to each other.

We strive to remind each of you to hold fast to each other as you once did when you held each other at the altar.

We do this through an intimate, God-honoring photography experience for you and your spouse.

So that every time you see your images, you will remember the gift of love your spouse is to you.

Our Services

JSeboudoir Marriage & Couples Phototherapy Services is a 3-hour therapeutic photography session that, through  powerfully captured images, will remind you of the covenant you took before God and your spouse.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

These images will speak volumes beyond what words could ever express.


Celebrate the gift of Godly intimacy with your spouse in a God-honoring, unique experience!

The Song of Solomon will come to life in the images we will capture together.

See your spouse captured in God-honoring intimate images that you can celebrate your entire lifetime.


Husbands, want to learn how to take intimate, God-honoring images of your wife?

Want to learn how to pose her and capture her with the natural light that's in your home?

Make a date out of this experience and join other married couples as I teach you basics of lighting, capturing incredible images with your phone, and coaching you and your wife on how to pose her!

Up to 4 couples per workshop! Book a session today!



We aim to the create the most unique photography experiences for married couples that will reignite the fire of love, celebrate marital intimacy, and capture intimate imagery in a God-honoring way.


What does JSeboudoir aspire to be?

To be a Christian photography business that stands as a banner of hope and encouragement for husbands and wives

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