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Image of a husband and wife on a bridge kissing in Costa Mesa California

JSeboudoir by Jason Sebastian - Our Story

I'm a luxury boudoir photographer for the everyday woman, wife, and mother. I approach my business from a client-first perspective. I will serve you with a premiere luxury photography experience that will help you regain your confidence, increase self-acceptance, instill a high sense of royalty, and unveil the inner beauty that was always there!

My Why

The selfless everyday woman, wife, and mother relentlessly manages never-ending tasks and priorities that she defaults to putting her needs last. Going through life-changes like marriage and pregnancy or new seasons in life that need your attention leave little time to exercise, get your nails done, or enjoy a much-needed massage. The queen of
the house can end up feeling frumpy, unpolished, or shabby. We at JSeboudoir help you rediscover your self-confidence and selfworth and re-invigorate your spirit through a powerful photography session that leaves you feeling alluring, radiant, and gorgeous! So many voices try to tell you what kind of woman, wife, or mother to


The way you see yourself matters the most - not me, not your friend's, not your significant other's. Your voice matters and you deserve to see your boudoir vision come to life. Even if these photos are a gift for someone else, this experience should still be about you and make you feel fabulous. Whether the vision for your images is dark
& moody or fun & playful, the most important key of a boudoir photoshoot is that you feel beautiful, empowered, sexy, beheld, and seen in the way you want to be seen. Let us unveil your inner beauty with this once in a lifetime experience. Once your own wellspring is full, you can continue pouring joyfully into the lives of those you love! You will take this experience and carry it with you for a lifetime: feeling confident and most importantly, believing you are beautifully and wonderfully made.








Our Story

In only a few years of being married and having a daughter, my perspective has changed. I've come to see how my words influence them both and I take great care to lift them up daily. Conversely, the images they see on TV, social media, and in life relentlessly tell them how they should look and feel, and it breaks my heart that they don't see themselves as absolutely beautiful.  I could see how frustration could settle into a woman as she goes through life, where seeds of self-doubt become so rooted that she carries a self image that doesn't truly reflect who she is.  I lift my wife up daily to remind her how amazing she is, but she never believed me. After all, I'm her husband - I'm supposed to call her that, right?

My wife transitioned through so many life stages in less than two years: engaged, married, pregnant, to mother. Despite my encouragement, she lost herself and felt frumpy and unattractive. So I began to shoot images of my wife, so she could see what I see. Her response to seeing her own unedited, unaltered images?

"WOW, THAT'S ME?! I can't believe I was able to do that!

I can't believe I look that way!

I look incredible!"

People can only tell you "you're beautiful" so many times, but only you can make the choice to accept that as true. You'll feel more confident after seeing your photos!

A picture is worth a thousand words.  There is nothing like the moment I show you the image

on the back of my camera, where you get to see images captured with YOU in it.  I get to partner with you and walk alongside you to capture beautiful, powerful, images that have the potential to transform how you look at yourself.  I am humbled to see women step into her own strength, value, worth, beauty, and I am grateful to be able to serve you with my creative gifts as your photographer.  

Image of a woman in black bodysuit and black heels laying on a bed posing for her boudoir shoot in Irvine

My Mission

We aim to create unique boudoir photography experiences that will help each woman love themselves more. We also want to reignite the fire of love to celebrate marital intimacy.

My Vision

What does JSeboudoir aspire to be?

To be a boudoir photography business that stands as a banner of hope and encouragement for individuals and married couples, capturing our clients with a servant's heart.

What is boudoir?

Boudoir (pronounced boo-dwah or boo-dwar) is the French word for

a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

Boudoir photography shoots are usually for women. Boudoir shoots are meant to exude sensuality and are intimate by nature. That’s why lingerie is typically worn and are accompanied with poses to express ownership over your God-given sexuality. The clients and subjects in boudoir are often not professional models—anyone can do a boudoir shoot. In fact, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, in need of a confidence boost, or just want to express and celebrate yourself, a boudoir session can be the very thing you’ve been looking for.

JSeboudoir (Jay-seb-boo-dwar) Studios is a husband and wife photography team that offers you a boudoir photography session that will unveil your inner beauty for you to celebrate.

We are here for you, the everyday woman, wife, and mother.

Our Values

You deserve to be captured in a way you want to be remembered

Every person is worthy of a beautiful, empowering, therapeutic photography experience

You deserve to have a thriving, joy-filled marriage

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