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5 Reasons to Hire a Male Boudoir Photographer | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

I absolutely believe boudoir is an awe-inspiring, unforgettable experience. While it's more common and the norm to have a female-led team with a female photographer behind the camera, I want to lend a perspective as to why you should considering hiring a male photographer for your boudoir photography experience.


1. Men and women see women with different perspectives.

You probably have heard the old adage that says "Men are visual animals/creatures". That said, a man's focus when seeing the female form and figure are different from a woman's. An example would be that seeing a woman in a pair of sweats or pajamas can actually be a sexy item of clothing or turn-on, when for a woman, it's just something to walk around in the house with. Another example is that in a photo, a woman may focus on how her eyelashes are, any muscles in her neck, or any hairs that are out of place, whereas a man would focus on how the lighting silhouettes the figure of the model in the image.

2. Clients have repeatedly asked for a man's perspective in terms of what images their husbands would enjoy the most. Part of the photo choosing process is to ask my clients which images they would want in their photo album - 9 times out of 10, my clients ask me which I would want to see since I have the perspective of a male and husband. Likewise, when I was shopping for gifts for my girlfriend (now wife), I would ask the opinions of other women in my life to see what would be most thoughtful or best suited for her.


3. A common understanding is that it can be easier to show a sexy side in front of the camera with a male photographer because its a relational dynamic women are familiar with.

4. Are you aware that professional photographers who take images of models are generally shot by males? This includes but not limited to adult magazines, FHM, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated. Part of the reason that the Boudoir industry is largely associated with women photographers is due to the idea that clients would be more comfortable having their images taken by a woman rather than a male stranger.

There is also a level of comfortability and safety that female clients may feel shooting with another woman. I understand and hear that -- though if you look at my reviews and testimonials, I hope it builds confidence and encouragement in you that you'd have the most amazing and fun experience with us! This is also due to the fact that as a photographer, I don't see you in your lingerie -- when we're creating images, I focus on posing you as my client, analyzing the lighting, and manipulating the pose so I can evoke the right emotion in the image I want to create for you.


5. Find the photographer who makes you feel comfortable, sexy, and has a creative style that speaks to YOU. You want someone with the eagle eye that can create not only an image, but creates a timeless art piece that captures your essence in a way that makes you feel so positive about yourself that it transforms how you see yourself. Not once should you feel uncomfortable, worried, or anxious. The photographer that's right for you will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and dare I say give you the freedom to have fun during your boudoir photo session!

Please take a moment and read the reviews from past clientele to read and see their experience.

You can also learn more about why I entered into boudoir photography from these 2 blog posts:

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Reach out to us today!


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