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5 Things Your Boudoir Photographer Wants You To Know | Client Tips| Irvine California Boudoir

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Having the honor of capturing everyday women, wives, and mothers over the past two years has given me insight into the things that hold some people back from booking their dream boudoir photo shoot. Please allow me do my best to normalize some of the things that hold may be holding you back!

Everyone has butt pimples and yes, I will eliminate them.

If you wear yoga pants, if you workout…if you are just a human being, chances are you might have some butt pimples or blemishes. This is totally normal and something I see in 99% of my clients. Do not stress about this one tiny bit, I will eliminate butt pimples!

Everyone's skin bunches, has stretch marks, and yes, I will smooth them in your images.

We don't do major Photoshop editing work at JSeboudoir Studios. We believe that we can capture how amazing you are without drastically altering who you were created to be. That said, we DO minimize and remove acne, stress pimples, bra indentations, and minor scarring.

Body hair is normal. Do what you want with it.

To shave or not to shave, prior to your session? I leave it up to you. It is definitely not a requirement to be hairless, though I will say many clients prep themselves. Be wary of razor burn of course, as it may show in some images, especially if we do any close-up shots. Some clients like to rock body hair, and if that's you then let’s celebrate it. If you like to be smooth and hair free, let’s celebrate that too. Please know of course, that your body hair is natural and normal.

Every single person has body insecurities.

As the saying goes, "We all put on pants the same way in the morning". We are not all that different, and that's the truth. We all have our insecurities and are at different points in our self-love journey. I promise to meet you where you are, but I promise not to leave you there either. Self-love and body acceptance…that is hard and it’s a lifelong process. My wife and I walk through this experience with you in solidarity – I often feel the same way about my body. Though what I love most about being a boudoir photographer is what get to challenge some of the negative garbage that you carry, help you dump it, and encourage you to embrace who you are at this moment in your life.

Stop saying sorry.

Ready for the things women have apologized for in my studio…?

not knowing how to pose

not knowing what to do with their hands


stretch marks

tattoos of exes

uneven tans

butt pimples

having to go to the bathroom

being cold

being indecisive

feeling insecure


not knowing how to put on a garter belt

…and the list goes on. STOP SAYING SORRY! Take our boudoir experience as an opportunity for you to practice being assertive, making decisions, and being YOU without apology. And then let that newfound energy carry you into your days to come. I can promise you, when you walk through the doors to our studio, there is absolutely nothing that you need to apologize for. Your presence, trust, and willingness to step outside of your comfort zone is appreciated and I am humbled by the chance to be your boudoir photographer. You are an absolute work of art and I am lucky to capture you.

What have you done for your self-care? Have you considered a therapeutic photography session to boost your self-esteem? I would love to chat with you! You can also email me at I can't wait to hear from you!


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