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Breaking Down the Mental Walls | Client Tips | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

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Hi friend!

As a photographer I hear from many beauties who want to have a boudoir experience, but something holds them back. I am sharing some things I learned along the way and that my clients have shared with me that will address some of your biggest fears. After reading this, hopefully you'll be ready to let me guide you on your way to the life-altering boudoir experience that you have been dreaming of! Mental Wall #1: SIZE & WEIGHT

If I took a survey down the streets of Los Angeles and asked any woman what she doesn't love about her body, there would for sure be a list of things. Your weight changes depending on the time of the month, what you eat changes how you feel or look, and the season of life you're walking through can impede on your fitness goals. What does this mean? That means your size and weight can be a reason to push off an experience like this, one that you need to do for yourself. So what should I do, you ask? How do I smash through this mental wall and embrace my body, where I am today? Here's some tips:

  • Be kind to yourself! We all have changes that our bodies go through. Just because you don't have your body from your "glory days" of high school or college doesn't mean you aren't beautiful or attractive any longer! You are STILL incredible!

  • This boudoir photography experience is MEANT to help you to celebrate who you are right now so you can love yourself in all your highs and lows. And remember: therapeutic photography through boudoir helps you see yourself from someone else's perspective - and that can be life changing!

  • You will be truly loved for you who are, by those who truly love you. Even when you feel you are at your worst, know that those who love you dearly will find your beauty even when you don't see it in yourself.

  • Remember in grade school when you had to get your pictures taken? Remember when the photographer told you where to place your feet, how to sit, how to tilt your chin, and where to point your nose? I am that photographer x1000 in skill level and direction! I have spent YEARS perfecting how I communicate and post all body types, including yours. I know specific poses that can help you celebrate areas of your body that you love, and.. if you so wish, we can deemphasize areas that you are self-conscious of. (I personally want to help you love those areas and capture them as well <3)

  • Lastly, the right outfit can make you look incredible and conceal parts of yourself that you aren't in love with (yet). Trust me -- the proper fitting outfit can make a big difference.

  • I have created a guide that I can send you that will help guide you through your experience! It's called "Building Your Boudoir Shoot - 10 Things To Get Right Before You Book". Once you book with us, you will also receive your JSeboudoir Pre-Shoot Prep Guide, that will give you all the information you need for outfit guidance!

Mental Wall #2: MONEY Let's be honest: this can be a point of contention for many of us. You work hard for your money and there can always be something else that your hard-earned cash can go toward. If you're anything like Jen and me, it's easy to let guilt creep in when you try to spend or do something for yourself.

Think about it this way though: show me where your bank and credit card statements, and I'll show you where your heart is! Where you invest your time, talent, and treasure is where your heart lies. Hopefully you already pour into your loved ones with your time, talent, and resources. So it is also equally important to remember to invest in yourself: replenish and pour into yourself so you can continue giving and loving those around you. Self love is easier when you feel confident, enough, worthy, attractive, and self-assured: those beautiful words are transformative and life changing on your self-love journey. So what are some ways you can realistically smash through the money mental wall?

  • We offer payment plans that can make your investment more financially manageable. We have several options for you who value budget and value!

  • Challenge your perspective: you can always make more money but the one thing that you cannot get back or make more of is your time. Invest in yourself now!

  • Make the decision that this is something you want, but even more so, something that you MUST do for yourself.

Mental Wall #3: DISTANCE So I have to say.. Orange County, California is amazing. The sun is beautiful all year round, we have the beach so close, and the weather. OHHHH boy the weather is so hard to beat! The lighting is incredible especially during the summer for beautiful California shoots, and there's nonstop food options all within driving distance for you to enjoy after your photo session! If it's hard for you to visit though, there are some options for you:

  • I have an *amazing* option where you can fly into Orange County, CA, have your therapeutic boudoir experience and fly home all in the same day. This makes it incredibly easier than ever to get to me because you can spend 1 day with me and get back on your busy schedule.

  • I have another option where you can fly me straight to YOU and we can have your dream boudoir experience with you and a handful of your closest girlfriends! Let's celebrate you together!

Mental Wall #4: CRIPPLING FEAR There has not been a single client who has shown up to our studio without nervousness or fear. Did you know that there are lots of articles that show that a fear and (good) stress is actually healthy for you? When you are scared for a short period of time, your body releases endorphins and dopamine! Your heart rate speeds up. Not only that but oxygen and blood flow to your muscles and you get pumped up and you actually feel energized! This will all shine through in your images as you feel the excitement of your day. So if you are willing to go beyond the knots in your tummy, keep reading with me!

  • Remember that you have chosen to work with a specialist, a professional in his field. Photographing everyday women, wives, and mothers is my zone of genius, my gifting, my passion, and my focus. This is all I do and all that I shoot. I have done extensive training over the past 5 years to learn, craft, and refine my posing techniques and communication to capture the best of you! Check out our portfolio here to see it first-hand!

  • Every single time, each of my clients has said that their fears and anxieties washed away once they were fully glammed up, fully dressed, and the shoot began! We sing, we dance, we laugh, and we talk about our lives together. One of my greatest compliments was that during her shoot, a client felt like she was "catching up and getting together with a long-time friend". I hope I can bring that feeling to you as well!

  • There IS fear of the unknown. So just know that once we start your phone call, you WILL have all the information you'll need to feel prepared. Then, you'll meet us, get all dolled up with your hair and makeup, get to know us all better, and then you'll be able to relax!

I hope these ideas here encouraged you as you consider a therapeutic photography experience with us! I promise Jen or I will help you with your garter belt, have dance (AND SNACK) breaks when our favorite songs come on, and help champion you in your journey to self-love! Let's do it now, here's your chance!


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