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Bridal Gift Ideas | Bridal Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

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Have you thought about giving your future husband a beautiful gift he can open during your honeymoon?

Many brides and grooms write beautiful letters to each other and have their bridesmaids deliver the letters to their husbands. That's a GREAT idea and it works out well for the wedding video and photographer to capture those moments. Here's some other ideas as well:

  1. Personalized letter which you handwrite

  2. The classic fun gift of a pair of fancy socks in case the groom gets "cold feet"

  3. A polaroid image of you getting ready that the bridesmaids take and deliver along with the letter (of course, NOT in the dress)

  4. A SET of polaroid images that creates a puzzle for the groom to piece together. It can be any kind of picture that you decide!

  5. The most practical thing looking back that I would have loved -- a protein bar or two so I could have some food during the photo session! I was so hungry/tired/famished after the wedding ceremony and there was still some time before the reception. I needed food, so it'd be neat to have some quick easy snacks that the best man and groomsmen can store in their suit jackets to help curb hunger.

  6. Lastly: A LUXURY BOUDOIR ALBUM! It's something you can do to add some extra spice to that day-of experience!

A unique gift to give your future husband (and groom) would be to give him a luxury boudoir photo album of yourself! Celebrate your marriage and intimacy with sensual, beautiful, sexy bridal/wedding images of you. Or, if you're a bridesmaid looking to give a unique gift to the bride to be (in the form of a gift card for a boudoir photo session) this a gift they'll remember for years to come, and won't end up gathering dust in a closet never to be seen again.

Here are several images from one client, Mrs. S, who presented these images to her husband soon after their wedding ceremony. Doing this heightens their anticipation of their intimacy to come (which should be celebrated), creates healthy sexual tension, and creates a memory to share that's uniquely their own!

From my own experience as a husband madly in love with my wife, I could only imagine how I would reacted if my bride had shown me something like this the day of our wedding. I'd probably have to pick my jaw up off the floor! And if you're unsure about where to buy lingerie, there are some links below that can help get you started.

Overall, I love the idea of helping a husband and wife celebrate their intimacy, love, and marriage. I love being able to help them all sensual and intimate aspects of intimacy within the context of marriage, and the idea that it's not something to be ashamed of. I hope this resonates for you as well.

Links to lingerie:


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