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Client Favorites - Boudoir Photography 2022

Orange County Therapy - Boudoir

Planning your shoot before the end of 2022? Need some ideas, or don't know where to start in terms of building out an album?

Here's top poses that all clients love to add to their boudoir album

Albums and prints can be for so many occasions

  • for yourself

  • anniversary

  • wedding

  • christmas

  • birthday present

Another question you may be wondering is what to look for in a boudoir photographer.

How much should you invest?

What is usually included?

What am I actually paying for?

Do you compliment a chef's skill and attribute it to their knife, stove, or grill?

No -- you are paying for the chef's expertise, years of experience, training, schooling, and their palate.

For an expert professional photographer, you're paying for their experience, training, and their eye. There are thousands of hours of work poured into the artistic craft of photography and it is a common misconception. Any artist, in whichever craft, can make their profession look easy.

Another way to put it is this: if you're going to be hosting a fancy dinner at your home, will you feed them preservative-filled fast food or will you feed them something delicious, exquisite, and memorable? The point is for special occasions and events, you would invest in the people you love and would put in more time, effort, and money to make their experience more wonderful. All of this to say: price shopping and looking for the cheapest photographer may not always be your best choice.

The dangers of price-shopping is that you may not know what the industry costs/standards are, so your expectations of what is within your "budget" may not exist. Also, finding the cheapest photographer may not be the best option for you especially if the cheapest option doesn't offer what you need. lastly, an expert photographer will be skilled in their profession, so much so that they will capture you in your best light (pun intended)!

You may have tried to take images on your own or with your spouse but have found that images did not turn out as what you saw on social media. There's many reasons for that, but to keep it short, it's because the eye of a skilled photographer has been developed through years of practice. And that, my friend, is what you invest in!

So with that said, here is a group of different poses that are our top sellers that our clients love! Take a look at them now!

Bum With Heels Shot

Stretch Out On Bed

Engagement Ring Shot

Couch Slide


Bed Side Profile

Hand Through Hair On Bed

Topless On Carpet With Heels

The Undie Stretch

The Power Stance

The Window Gaze

Let's talk about your dream shoot today!


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