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Ms. C | Client Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Orange County Therapy - Boudoir Photographer

One of my clients traveled on a warm summer morning from San Diego to meet me in my studio in Irvine, California. We hadn't known each other previously to the communications we shared about setting up her appointment, as well as the prep involved in getting her to feel confident and ready for her shoot.

What I love about this stage in my boudoir career is I get to invite my clients into my home, my personal space, and they get to see who I am and how I live. As you enter, there's several photos of my family on the wall, and in the kitchen there's children's drawings as well as alphabet magnets strewn across the door.

You'll find every aspect of my life on display, and I think that helped ease her tension. I shared my story that you could find on the INFO page on our website, about the reason why I pursued a career in boudoir.

She then shared with me that she was celebrating her 30th birthday and also wanted to celebrate her weight loss journey.

Here is what she said:

I am not a model. This photo shoot is something I wanted to do for myself for a while now. I’ve always thought I was a beautiful girl but wasn’t happy with my body. I’m a woman that has lost about 80 pounds so far, and I had to really love the transformation my body went through. I had to fall in love with my new saggy skin, cellulite, and stretch marks.

He made my experience amazing.

Jason’s objective of wanting to for doing this alone left an impact on me, but our conversation was what changed my life. I was left speechless and in tears (happy tears). I wish I could have recorded that conversation to just have that reminder of a complete stranger's perspective on you.

That’s how deep Jason will take you.

This is an amazing experience. He is changing women's lives with his passion and I appreciate him. Especially for anyone not feeling their best. Stand in your beauty and highlight it. Jason just has this relaxed energy about him, very personable, relatable, and funny! He will make you feel absolutely confident even if you aren’t feeling your best. Jason’s direction and coaching is wonderful! I highly recommend him! Also, I highly recommend any woman, even those whose never done a photoshoot to book this with Jason for your yourself or for someone special. This is a memory you will not want to miss out on.

The images Jason captures of you is what you get. All natural lighting and angles. In the world we live in today where beauty standards are crazy, Jason is the guy to make you feel like it’s ok and wonderful to be YOU, exactly who and what you are.

I'm grateful to have been invited to this personal, intimate, private space for my clients. And to hear how it empowers and encourages women, is why I do it!


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