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Ms. D - Encouraging Orange County Boudoir | Client Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Simple, yet sensual.

An image of woman in lingerie sitting on couch in Irvine boudoir studio

This incredible woman came in wanting simple, but sexy photos for herself. Her boyfriend passed away and the grief she carried with her became a constant part of her life. She used her boudoir session as an opportunity to rediscover herself, step out of her comfort zone, and celebrate herself as she went into 2022. While our sessions can be extremely revealing and suggestive, every client has a different comfort level and reason for booking their shoot. We are not a cookie-cutter company, and every session is different and personalized for each individual client.

Read what she had to say below and see some of her stunning images!

"I felt like I was talking to an old friend while working with him. I felt very comfortable speaking with him during the entire process especially during the shoot itself. In the very beginning I was a smidge nervous working with a male photographer as opposed to a female. However once we got started on the shoot that wasn't an issue, like at all! I still crack up thinking about our commentary during the shoot. I had a great time and I know it for sure because my expressions in my photos look so genuine. He is a very honest and genuine person and you can trust him, especially if you have never done this style of photography before and may be apprehensive and nervous. I honestly cannot really think how he would make a client feel uncomfortable given how he worked with me. His attitude and vibe while taking these photos was definitely "Respect and love what you are because you're amazing" and that's another layer of what made this experience so much fun. If you're reading this, do it for yourself because you only live once. It's an opportunity to celebrate you and how amazing you are. Why wouldn't you take some time, even just a little, to appreciate yourself? Capturing your awesomeness and fierceness in photos is a great way to remind yourself of who you are/what you can be!"


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