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Ms. G | Client Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Ms. G came into my studio as my FIRST ever client. It was was an exciting and confidence boosting shoot for her. It's going to be an experience that will always stick with me, since then, she's wanted to do more boudoir photo shoots! I'm always so humbled and feel so privileged when I'm able to make a positive change on my clients' lives!

Ms. G was a rockstar and was ready to get down to business. She crushed her shoot and was a blast to work with. Check out her story below.


“I’ve done several portrait shoots in the past but never did a boudoir shoot. I was also nervous since Jason's prior experience was with other areas (family, event, and product photography). With the shoot, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it went better than I thought it would. Jason made it fun and easy. As we began though, I saw that I was working with a professional who knew exactly what he was doing and that’s definitely what he is! Also, I expected not having to worry about what I was going to do because he gave me a posing guide and he walked me through each pose step by step. I loved that he adjusted to the level of comfortably throughout the poses.

In terms of clothing he told me exactly what to bring and we discussed what would look good before I arrived. It was the extra attention to detail and communication that I appreciated. My favorite part of the session was how comfortable I felt. Jason made me feel at ease right away! Lian was super friendly and did an amazing job on my makeup. Both were professional yet welcoming which put me at ease and it made the whole experience comfortable and relaxed. The reveal was also a part of the experience that I LOVED, I kept gasping as I saw myself in the images! It's definitely a sexy and empowering feeling. I loved seeing myself like I’ve never seen myself before and loving every image. You are amazing, Jason!

After my experience with Jason I definitely want to do another one again!

I am satisfied with the outcome and definitely feel more confident with shooting boudoir. Thank you Jason, it was a pleasure working with you! I highly recommend!


Thank you for hiring me, Ms. G! Thank you for being the first step in my journey as a boudoir photographer, and sharing this experience as YOUR first boudoir session! I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience and your images – I loved meeting you!

You are beautifully and wonderfully made


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