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Updated: Oct 6

Irvine, California Boudoir Sessions

Check out this bombshell's testimony and get hyped for your own boudoir photography session right here in Irvine!

An image of a woman on a bed smiling holding a bedsheet in Irvine boudoir studio

Jason was incredibly professional, respectful, and well-organized from start to finish. It was clear that so much thought was put into the shoot to make me feel like my best self and the most important woman in the world! You will be amazed at how beautiful and sexy and powerful you will feel looking at images of yourself that are designed to showcase your body's natural beauty. The right photographer (like Jason) will make the experience so fun and comfortable that you'll forget that you aren't a professional model. If you're unsure or nervous, that's exactly why you should book. Because one look at your bada** photos will wipe away any doubts in your mind of how gorgeous you are! He was very affirming while we were shooting and I felt confident and comfortable the entire time. He also made sure to make any minor adjustments needed so the photos turned out the absolute best! Post shoot he was very prompt in returning the photos to me, and the slideshow of my session was a really special touch! Overall I am extremely impressed by the level of care and service that was put into this photoshoot- thank you Jason!! Doing a boudoir shoot is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and into your CONFIDENCE zone!

An image of a woman cupping her breasts with eyes closed, laying on a bed smiling in Irvine boudoir studio


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