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Sharing My Beauty With My Future Husband | Bridal Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Are you a bride to be and prepping for your big day?

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! We're so excited for you!

Trust us when we say that we totally understand how wedding planning can bring a whirlwind of emotions! Excitement, joy, to frustration with vendors, to stress with planning and crossing things off the checklist can be a lot! From our experience, our biggest suggestion all brides is to make sure to create time to be present and enjoy this moment because it will be over before you know it. Remember that this special day is all about you and your fiancé!

A bride draped in a white sheet laying on a couch, during her bridal boudoir session

Here at JSeboudoir by Jason Sebastian, we love to bring the attention back to you, the bride, and your love story! We will help you create a one of a kind beautiful custom luxury boudoir album book that make the prefect wedding day gift for your fiancé.

A bride laying on a couch during her bridal boudoir session, wearing lavender purple bra and panties set

A luxury boudoir photoshoot is something special that only YOU can give to your fiancé—we promise they will love it! We are a therapeutic photography studio, and YES this experience will focus on your self-love. The changes in you and the confidence you'll gain will be so transformative! Can you think of a better way to start your life together than with a boost of confidence?!

A bride smiling with eyes closed draped in a white as she poses during her bridal boudoir session

We always say at JSeboudoir to do it for yourself first! Yes, it is a great gift to share with your future husband. But let's keep the focus on you: to make you feel loved, pampered, confident, and empowered before your big day!

A bride looking camera left as she poses in a white bridal bustier during her bridal boudoir session

Read what one of our recent brides had to say about her bridal boudoir experience.

What was your main reason for booking a boudoir shoot?:

I wanted to capture and celebrate my beauty and share it in a unique way as a wedding gift for my fiancé!

What was your biggest fear before or during your boudoir shoot?:

Before, my biggest worry was that none of the images would turn out well. This isn't because of you as a photographer but because of my own insecurities.

How did the shoot turn out? / Tell us your favorite part about your boudoir shoot experience.:

Working with Jason and Jen was incredible! Jason and Jen are so real with their own love story and personal journey with self-love that it helps break down any walls of discomfort. Jason is so professional the entire time and Jen helped make minor adjustments to help Jason capture my best angles! I love that they do minimal photo editing and they emphasized to me how I looked, straight out of the camera. I loved all of my images and the entire experience was amazing!

Did you give your boudoir photos as a gift? How have you enjoyed your photos since the shoot?:

I purchased a beautiful photo album for him and he was so surprised by it, he loved it! I showed it to him after we were married as a gift to say, "Look, here I am, and I'm all yours! I love you!" Thank you so much Jason and Jen for this wonderful experience!

Here's a gallery of other poses you can use for your own boudoir shoot:

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