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The "Spinach In Your Teeth" Conversation | Client Tips | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Orange County Boudoir Photography

A mother laying on a couch with white sheets wearing a black lingerie bodysuit during her boudoir shoot

After being blessed with the opportunity to be a boudoir photographer for so many clients, I've come to realize that each client has a story. Each client has a "hero's journey" that has taken them to the moment where they are in my studio. Many reveal personal struggles, and even more share emotional trauma they've overcome or are fighting through. Sometimes that can mean asking uncomfortable questions. I like to call these questions or conversations, the "spinach in your teeth conversations".

I want to discuss the spinach in your teeth today. The tough ideas that we try to hide. The fear and uneasiness that this photo experience may bring. You may feel uneasy that you don't know how to pose, be "sexy", think you're not photogenic, or you worry your outfit doesn't "feel like you" or won't fit right. You may think during your image reveal that you won't fall madly in love with the art we created together; that, "what if Jason and Jen can't make ME feel beautifully and wonderfully made"?

You may feel uneasy about spending money on yourself, and you begin running opportunity costs of other things you could be spending your money on. You may feel uneasy that you need to lose XX amount of pounds first, that you you should have done this when you were younger, when the kids move out, or at a different pant size.

You feel uneasy that you won't enjoy this experience and that this isn't for you.

I want you reading this today to receive this: I understand. Jen, my wife, understands.

I (Jason) have had those same fears and uneasiness about so many different things. Even Jen had the same fears and uneasiness that you have had about stepping into this experience.

There have been so many incredible women, beautiful on the inside and out, that had all these fears. But I don't want you to stay there. Just like my daughter was scared at first to jump into my arms off the diving board when she was learning to swim, I don't want you to stay there on the edge.

Have you ever gone skydiving before?

That's how I want you to say yes to this experience.

To jump out of that plane, and do it WHILE you're terrified.

To book this session, and do it WHILE you're still uneasy about it.

It doesn't matter if you are scared - what matters is that you still do it, even though you are.

Trust me when I say this: we've got you.


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