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What is Boudoir Photography?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Orange County Boudoir Photography

From sultry poses to knowing what to expect in a boudoir photo shoot, we are here to answer all your questions about boudoir photography once and for all. By the end of this article, you will see that boudoir photography is not something to be scared of!

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir (pronounced boo-dwah or boo-dwar) is the French word for a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

Maternity boudoir shoot in Orange County, California. Pregnant mother captured in a silhouette of herself and her baby.

Boudoir photography shoots are usually for women. Boudoir shoots are meant to exude sensuality and are intimate by nature. That’s why lingerie is typically worn and are accompanied with seductive poses to express ownership over your sexuality. The clients and subjects in boudoir are often not professional models—anyone can do a boudoir shoot. In fact, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, in need of a confidence boost, or just want to express and celebrate yourself, a boudoir session can be the very thing you’ve been looking for.

JSeboudoir (Jay-seb-boo-dwar) Studios is a husband and wife photography team that will bring you a personal yet professional luxury photography session that will unveil your inner beauty for you to celebrate. We are here for you, the everyday woman, wife, and mother.

Who is Boudoir Photography for?

Boudoir photography is for everyone.

Maybe you want to discover a different side to your personality you never even knew existed.

Maybe it's been so long since you've gotten your nails and hair done, continuously covered in baby food.

Maybe you are tired of feeling frumpy and want to recapture your allure, magic, and wonder.

An image of woman in lingerie bodysuit laughing by window in Irvine boudoir studio

Maybe you want to celebrate yourself and create a beautiful unique gift for your spouse (but really just want a gift for yourself—it’s ok, your secret’s safe with us). Boudoir photography is for you.

The thought of taking photos in lingerie may seem intimidating, but you will push past the initial feeling of self-consciousness within the first few seconds once you realize you get to know your hair and makeup artist as well as Jason & Jen - you'll quickly see that you are in good hands. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure this unique experience will be one that you'll always remember and can't stop talking about!

There is something extraordinarily empowering about stepping out of your comfort zone and owning your sensuality.

What to Expect in a Boudoir Photo Session?

On the day of your boudoir shoot, you’ll walk in bringing your sexiest lingerie piece and other accessories

that will make you look incredible. We understand that you may feel nervous, unsure, or insecure, but our team of professionals is so good at what they do that you will instantly forget why you were even worried at all.

An image of woman in topless with bedsheet laying on bed in Irvine boudoir studio

Our hair and make-up artists will get you all glammed up and make you feel like a Hollywood moviestar. You can go for a natural dewy look, a glammy wedding look, or a sultry, seductive mood with smokey eyes. Our photographer will encourage you to be more daring, walk you through every single pose, and empower you so you can strut the fierce, alluring side of you that has been veiled and covered.

After all of this, we want you to celebrate yourself and walk out of your boudoir session glowing with the confidence that has always been inside you!

How to Pose for a Boudoir Shoot?

Normally before the shoots, you will share which parts of your body you love and want to flaunt so the images could hone in and highlight those features. Jason can also help direct your poses to accentuate your curves and capture your perfect posture. Here is an example of four sexy poses you can pull in your boudoir shoot.

Pose #1 - Sitting

Pose #2 - Laying Down

Pose #3 - Reclined/Sitting on Knees

Pose #4 - Standing

One More Thing...

Above all, the most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin. Nothing is more sexy and attractive than that. We at JSeboudoir Studios believe that self-love is one of the main things that makes you sexy. The way you see yourself matters the most - not me, not your friend's, not your significant other's. Your voice matters and you deserve to see your boudoir vision come to life. Even if these photos are a gift for someone else, this experience should still be about you and make you feel fabulous. Whether the vision for your images is dark & moody or fun & playful, the most important key of a boudoir photo shoot is that you feel beautiful, empowered, sexy, beheld, and seen in the way you want to be seen. Once your own wellspring is full, you can continue pouring joyfully into the lives of those you love! You will take this experience and carry it with you for a lifetime: feeling confident and most importantly, believing you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Let us unveil your inner beauty with this once in a lifetime experience!

So be yourself, because there is no one else out there like you!

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What have you done for your self-care? Have you considered a therapeutic photography session to boost your self-esteem? I would love to chat with you! Give me a call directly at 657-224-0126. You can also email me at I can't wait to hear from you!


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