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Is Boudoir Photography a Form of Therapy? | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

We will actually be talking about boudoir as a therapy in this blog post! Boudoir Photography is the name for photo-based activities that are done by someone, but where no formal therapy is taking place and no therapist or counselor is involved.

Boudoir photography is sometimes referred to as the act of taking photos, with you as the photographer. The medium, or art, of using a camera and the images taken are what bring therapeutic healing and recovery. It can also include though, other activities that involve the use of the photos themselves: the prepping and planning of your photo shoot, the guided posing the day of your shoot, and the image reveal session.

This therapeutic experience transcends long after you book your photo session with us. And that's the whole point: this experience is meant to stay with you and change your life forever.

Bryce Evans once said, "Every snapshot a person takes or keeps is also a type of self-portrait, a kind of mirror-with-memory reflecting back those moments and people that were special enough to be frozen in time forever.

With that said, JSeboudoir Studios is a boudoir photography business. Through boudoir, our goal is to produce positive therapeutic healing to you, our client. The changes would cascade from you and then positively impact your marriage, children, and relationships. We believe that every woman, wife, and mother is worthy of being celebrated and deserves to be captured, so she can look at her beautiful images of herself 30, 40, 50 years after her therapeutic photography session.

Some Reasons Why Boudoir Photography is Done:

  • Increasing self-love

  • Improving relational intimacy with your spouse

  • Empowering the self

  • Embracing self love

  • Increasing self confidence

  • Moving/pushing through sexual trauma

  • Regaining confidence/ownership in your sexuality

  • Finding or rediscovering your inner beauty

  • Celebrating yourself NOW

  • Silencing the negative inner-voice veiled as your own

Is boudoir photography done by a psychologist or need professional training?

  • No. There actually is no training or certification required to practice therapy through Boudoir Photography. Rather, we at JSeboudoir Studios will partner with you as your coach and mentor, coming alongside you through your photo session to unveil your inner beauty.

  • What this means it that boudoir photography is one aspect in your journey toward self-love. This boudoir photography session may awaken a need to seek professional therapy (which is a good thing!). Awakening these areas in your self-love journey is part of resolving personal emotional problems.

An image of woman laughing in green lingerie bodysuit posing on bed in Irvine boudoir studio

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