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Q&A - Why I'm a Christian Male, Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography Irvine California

Announcement 2023-08-22

Over the past several months, I have been receiving business counsel to help align our photography business with our faith and values. Moving forward, I have grown in my faith to understand that in order to preserve the sanctity, holiness, and privacy of the marriage bed, I will no longer be offering boudoir photography services for everyday women, wives, and mothers. Instead, the best way to continue with our mission to reignite the fire of love in marriages is to empower husbands to capture their wives themselves!

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Hi there and thanks for reading! This is the second article as a second part to my blog post titled "Why I Am A Christian Boudoir Photographer". I created this article to answer common questions that many have asked, and I'm happy to answer them here for you:

  • Why did you decide to become a boudoir photographer as a Christian?

  • To keep it simple: to help everyday women, wives, and mothers see themselves as beautifully and wonderfully made. With each client's newfound love, boost of confidence, and refreshed view of herself, my hope is that they would take that self-love and let it become an outpour into her marriage, marriage bed, and how she loves on her children and those around her. I am to capture a woman's sensuality in a God-honoring way that can back against what the enemy has done to distort God's gift of sexuality. More on that here: read Our About Us Page.

  • What does your wife think?

  • She is actually my #1 supporter. We always lay every aspect of our lives before the Lord in prayer. Moreover, my wife and I don't enter into any endeavors, life choices, or major life-decisions without consulting each other. And best believe with something as "against the grain" as being a Christian + male + boudoir photographer, I went to her first. Through her own boudoir experience with me is actually what spurred her to push me to try and make this a business. She was the one who told me to go for it. Something we heard the today while writing this blog was that "if you get so caught up in people-pleasing, you will do so at the cost of disobeying God". So I'm making an effort to serve my community as a boudoir photographer. You would not be reading this article today if not for her.

  • What is your view on sexuality?

  • My response is: What is God's view, what does Scripture say? Is it shameful? Is it something to be hidden? Or is a gift to be celebrated and shared between a husband and wife? Take a look at this other blog I wrote on it

  • To the married couple:

  • Celebrate, reignite, share the intimacy that God has blessed your marriage with and enjoy what you’ve done with your boudoir photography shoot.

  • Boudoir is meant to lift you up and STRENGTHEN your marriage and intimacy.

  • When a man views his wife as a beautiful work of art, that body has been elevated to a Godly state. A state of approval for the Lord because He created that body and it is being appreciated and loved as He desires the husband to. There may be imperfections that exist through genetics (development hindered by the world), accidents, medical conditions (cancer, tumors) and scars from removals, but the development in and of itself is a gift from God. If people note the imperfections, there is a great perfection and a blessing that they are alive and breathing. That's it. That they formed to the point, that the soul currently inhabits this creation of God. If the body could not make it to the point of birth, that soul would not exist and it’s that soul that God wants to occupy with the Holy Spirit, and that's what makes the body so beautiful because it functions for that main purpose: to glorify God, to occupy the body of the individual and of the Holy Spirit in union.

  • To the single woman:

  • Acknowledge your beauty! In God's eyes you ARE BEAUTIFUL so own it!

  • So that you yourself can commend the Lord for His creation and good works in you.

  • Be able to say, “I praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” so believe it!

  • God created bodies beautifully. He said after creating us, "It is good".

  • Why not shoot males/husbands then?

  • We are not limiting ourselves to women, wives, and mothers, but that is where we are beginning with our endeavor. I write this in jest but also in seriousness: “The man may be head of the house but the woman's the neck.” If it were the husband, the man, to push this idea of capturing her in an intimate setting, it may work, but it may be received with push-back. In addition, as a leader-servant, it is important to not push your wife to a point that they become resentful about their own sexuality. By the time a woman meets her mate and says yes to being his wife, she may have already experienced several experiences of objectification, trauma, and more through her life. So we start with the woman, to educate the woman in who God has designed them to be. Help them embrace God’s creation and see themselves in that way. Let them understand, that no matter what anyone said in the past, they realize that they are truly beautiful and wonderfully made, exactly the way they are. That's for your benefit, the client - that's for you to feel good about yourself. Yes, your man would look at you and regardless, still see someone as gorgeous. YOU are stunning just the way you are. And if you don’t believe it, let these images say it for you. We hope the client may say, “For all those seeming imperfections I see in myself, I know you (husband) see them as marks of beauty.”

  • Do you shoot porn? This looks like porn.

  • No! Boudoir is not porn and that is not what I do. I don't shoot erotica, nor do I shoot married couples performing any sexual acts. Erotica and porn are self-serving and selfish, serving only the viewer and exploiting the subject within the images. Erotica and porn goes directly against the biblical principle that the act of sex should stay private and the marriage bed should be kept holy. I do not capture sexual acts in my images. The point of boudoir is to empower the woman who is being captured, and sharing it with her husband for them to celebrate and reignite their intimacy together, as passionately described in the Song of Solomon. The images are to be shared only between the husband and wife.

  • Understand: these images are NOT for publication for everyone to see. These images are exclusively for the couples to share with each other. There's no use in tempting others. That only feeds into Satan's design. We want to feed into the Lord's design: to bless the couple by making the man long for his woman, and by making the woman long for her man. It doesn’t matter how they look, what size pants they wear, or how much hair they (still) have on their heads. God created them to be together and that's why they're married! So the goal is to embrace the wonderful beauty that is their marriage that God ordained and capture and celebrate it for them so that no one would tear it asunder. The images shared on our site are just examples. I would never use my clients' images to promote their appearance especially without their consent because it takes away from God's work and puts it right into the hands of Satan.

  • And this here is where I want to have a real open and honest discussion. Sex, in God's eyes, was always supposed to be a beautiful gift. And yet, it has been distorted by the Satan and the world, so much so that we are ashamed to discuss it in the proper context - a Godly marriage, or a body of believers in pursuit of Christ-likeness.

  • What about this thought: Can you imagine what a wife would feel, knowing her husband ONLY fantasized about her? Can you imagine what a husband would feel, knowing her wife ONLY fantasized about him? The passion the Lord placed in us (as documented in the Song of Solomon) should, in our eyes, be channeled toward our spouses, as He intended. We aim to do that WITH boudoir.

  • As a Christian boudoir photographer, I believe it's important to align my work with biblical principles. In Philippians 4:8, we're encouraged to focus on things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and commendable. My approach to boudoir photography is to celebrate the inherent beauty and worth of each client, helping each woman embrace her body with dignity and deepen her self-confidence. As said here in this blog post, a boudoir shoot does not need to be shot with lingerie - you can have a boudoir shoot in anything that you feel confident in!

  • James 1:17 reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from God. I see the human body as one of these beautiful gifts and creations of God (as did many Greek/Roman statues created from artists of antiquity), and my photography aims to capture and honor that gift in a respectful and God-honoring way. If a client wants to push her comfort zone and wear lingerie to push past self-doubt and embrace self-love/healing, we can do that too!

  • Moreover, Romans 12:2 encourages us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. My photography practice reflects this principle by challenging societal norms of needing to lose weight, healing from trauma, embracing bodily scars from surgeries and not removing them through editing, and promoting body positivity even if you don't look like your self after having children. This self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance are what I aim to give to my clients for the everyday woman, wife, and mother.

  • While some might question the compatibility of boudoir photography with Christianity, I believe that my work can exemplify the principles of Christ's love and celebrate the uniqueness of God's creation. By focusing on these biblical values, I am able to provide a positive and meaningful experience for my clients while maintaining the integrity of my faith.

  • What about the temptations to you as a Christian man, seeing women in intimate attire?

  • That's a question that I've received most frequently from those who care for me and want the best for me. I know it comes from a place of wanting to protect me, my eyes, and my marriage.

  • In my own faith-walk with the Lord, I approach each client photo session with prayer for one purpose: that thje Lord would give me His eyes of compassion, love, and tenderness for whoever will be stepping foot into my studio. You'd be surprised: as you hear the stories of the clients who enter our studio, there is a lot of heaviness that they've been able to release through their experience. It breaks your heart. The last thing that crosses your mind is wanting to take advantage of the person you are about to capture. If anything, it's so far from sexual, aside from the clothing that is (sometimes) worn. I ask the Lord to help me see each client as His creation, and to serve her with the hospitality and professionality and kindness that I'd expect my own wife, mother, sister to be treated. He has always answered! This is paramount to the entire process, and I have found that there has been ZERO issues of temptation for me at any point.

  • Also, as a Christian boudoir photographer, I am committed to approaching my work with professionalism, integrity, and a deep respect for each client's boundaries. I understand that boudoir photography can be seen as intimate, and in that, a priority of mine is creating a safe and empowering environment. This is done through having a team of hair/makeup artists and/or assistants present during the entirety of the shoot. I take steps to ensure that my interactions are always seen as respectful and professional at all times. There have never been any issues for me with lust in my heart when it came to seeing my clients in the attire that they chose to wear and felt confident in capturing.

  • Another thing that I want to share is: I am a photographer and an artist and I have a reputation I strive to uphold. I want to be known as a photographer and servant who has done his best to make his clients feel great about their bodies and helped them build self-confidence. I want to be remembered and seen as a gentleman at all times who respects each client.

  • Lastly, boudoir photography doesn't mean that images taken need to be in lingerie - which is my last point: I have the eye for what a guy would think is attractive! Boudoir is wearing anything that you are confident in, whether it's your favorite pair of jeans, a nice comfy sweater, a stylish a-line dress that flatters your figure, or your husband's favorite jersey or outfit. You could even be in a simple white t-shirt and that can make you feeling incredible when captured the right way. Other things that you can be captured with can be a cowboy hat, an instrument, or even a motorcycle helmet. There's lots of options that do not require racy or risque lingerie.

  • Yes, I'm a guy photographing women.. but I'm also a Christ-follower seeking to steward his gifts for God's kingdom, a business owner, an artist, a husband, a father, and a gentleman. I will continue serving my community to help empower women as so many female boudoir photographers do on a daily basis.

  • What are the risks of impropriety, or false accusations against you?

  • There are contracts I have created that are typical of boudoir photography businesses. The contracts protect both the client, hair/makeup artists, and the photographer (in this case, me). Typically before a boudoir photography client (speaking generally for those unaware of the process) steps into the studio space, the client is 1) already aware of boudoir photography, 2) have seen the photographer's work, 3) have had several phone calls and interactions to understand policies, procedures, expectations, 4) have read over the contracts, 5) and if they still want to proceed, then they move forward with the process.

  • You are viewing another man's wife (or fiancé) in lingerie - isn't that sinful/inappropriate?

  • I understand this concern as well and I take the ethical aspects of my work very seriously. When working with clients, I prioritize open communication and consent and it is an integral part to the onboarding client process. I make sure to establish clear boundaries and maintain a professional demeanor throughout the process. Boudoir photography is about empowering individuals and celebrating their self-confidence, and I approach each session with the intention of creating beautiful and tasteful images that each client has already agreed to being posed in prior to the shoot. I recognize the potential for misunderstandings, but I'm committed to conducting myself in a way that aligns with my Christian values and upholds a respectful environment for all involved. If a client i.e. a future bride inquires for a bridal boudoir session, I walk her through the onboarding process as well as the expectations to inform and empower her to make the best decision for herself. As stated in other responses here, since I do believe my heart is in the right place in addition to having other parties present during the shoot, it mitigates all potential issues..

  • Do you find it challenging to balance your Christian values with the nature of your work?

  • No. My Christian values are the foundation and the source to what birthed this business idea. My aim through every client experience is to create a welcoming, safe, professional (AND FUN) environment where we can create beautiful images that can help a woman see herself as beautifully and wonderfully made. If there is a chance to speak Jesus' invitation of love and the Gospel, then I would welcome and enter into it. That said, my main purpose is to creating art that empowers and uplifts my each client, which can hopefully trickle into creating stronger marriages and even happier families.

  • Does your photography style incorporate your Christian beliefs in any way?

  • Yes, at times! While I don't explicitly incorporate Christian symbols or themes into my work, my faith influences my approach to treating people with kindness, hospitality, and professionality. I believe these values shine through in the way I capture the essence of each individual. That being said, at client request, I have incorporated important symbols within client images, e.g. Bible, wedding bands, veils, bridal attire.

  • Have you faced any internal conflicts about your career choice within your faith journey?

  • The main question I've sat on was: how would those closest to me see what it is that I'm doing, and how would they respond? However, I firmly believe that God has called me to pursue this for this season of my life. Moreover, in my previous blog post I shared that this was a 5-year process of prayer and seeking Godly counsel before I decided to move forward with trying to grow this business. With the clients we have worked with thus far, their responses to my capturing them and my encouragement to them are what keeps me pursuing my dream of serving others in our community as a boudoir photographer. By focusing on creating a positive impact and helping individuals embrace their self-worth, I feel aligned with my faith.

  • Do you think your photography can challenge societal norms and perceptions?

  • Absolutely and that's a hope of mine! We are meant to be salt and make change. Many will be challenged by what I share and hope to do. Boudoir photography challenges conventional beauty standards by showcasing the diverse and authentic beauty of each person. It also challenges the perspectives of each person's sexuality - is it something I can celebrate? Can I share this with my husband? Can I see myself the way he sees me? How do I (the husband) view myself? How do I currently view my wife? Do I see her as a precious gift from the Lord?

  • My wife can tell you (as well as I'm sure any woman you know) that they've felt the pressures of society to look a certain way. I aim to stop those voices and to help each client see they are uniquely, beautifully, wonderfully made. Instead of a husband saying it, let these images speak volumes that words could never express!

  • How do you respond to those who might question the compatibility of your faith and your career?

  • I appreciate your interest in understanding how my Christian faith aligns with my career. It's important to remember that God's love extends to all areas of our lives, and our actions should reflect our commitment to His principles. We are to be living sacrifices, and for myself, that means my time, talent, and treasure are to be used to help those around me (Romans 12:1). In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, we are also reminded that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that we should honor God with our bodies. My intention as a boudoir photographer is to help individuals see their bodies as beautiful and unique creations, fostering a sense of self-worth that also aligns with Psalm 139:14, which speaks of being fearfully and wonderfully made. Additionally, Romans 14:22-23 teaches us to have faith in our convictions and to act in a way that is in accordance with our conscience. By approaching my work with integrity, respect, and the intention to empower, I believe I can use my talents to positively impact the lives of those I work with, while still honoring my Christian beliefs.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions! Message me here at

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