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Why You Should Make A Cinematic Boudoir Film For Your Wife | Client Tips

Orange County California Therapy

Boudoir photography sessions have been growing in popularity over the past several years! Many everyday women, wives, and mothers leave their photo sessions feeling empowered, attractive, and confident! You get to celebrate the art of your femininity for decades to come. Something to consider adding to your experience is a cinematic boudoir film.

Why you should invest in a cinematic boudoir film to your therapy session:

  • Photos captured of you are one experience to your journey of self-love

  • A cinematic film capturing your beauty will be another tool you can use to reclaim your femininity, capture your strength, and visually see your sensuality

  • Enjoy a story line that makes your viewing experience unlike anyone else's

  • A picture is worth a thousand words - a cinematic motion picture is worth a million

  • Luxury cinematic boudoir videos have become a staple in each client's investment purchase

Before I shot boudoir, I dabbled in travel videography for my family as well videography for brands I worked with. I've applied and transferred those skills as a therapeutic photographer. It has been a wonderful experience seeing my clients enjoy not just their images, but also the cinematic films of their therapy sessions. I think there's a major piece of seeing themselves being captured in a way they've never imagined, while maintaining their classiness and glamour!

We at JSeboudoir Studios believes every woman can benefit from a therapeutic photography session at least once in her life. Here's some more information below:

What is a cinematic boudoir film?

Instead of a series of still images that capture your beauty, it's a cinematic motion picture that captures your beauty.

How long are your cinematic boudoir film?

  • A teaser boudoir cinematic film can be 45 seconds to 1 minute.

  • A full-length cinematic boudoir film can be the full-length of a song (several minutes), involving more editing, more color-grading, and more scenes.

What type of cinematic boudoir film are women making?

There are several different types of cinematic boudoir videos that we can create for you. Here are three examples:

  • A professionally edited video clip of a client standing, sitting, or laying in different areas in the studio with the camera capturing their movements. The subject may be looking into the camera or is being directed to look elsewhere.

  • A professionally edited video clip of a client that is suggesting "undressing". This is a very powerful technique and commonly used in our bridal boudoir cinematic films to help a bride celebrate and showcase the anticipation of intimacy with her future husband. A combination of these types of shots with the images in the clips above create for an incredibly powerful viewing experience.

  • Lastly, some videos do not contain much movement at all. Some are a combination of stills with motion pictures woven into the film. We at JSeboudoir take inspiration from cinematic films and incorporate music to evoke emotion into the viewer in powerful ways.

Are women shooting any erotic type videos?

Yes, but it is an area that JSeboudoir does not offer. Yes, we do believe that intimacy between a husband and wife can and definitely should be celebrated! That said- we do feel that the celebration should be privately enjoyed and celebrated with only you and your spouse!

Is the creation process of a cinematic boudoir film expensive?

Video production, post production, editing, delivery and viewing can be very time and resource intensive. Most of the videos we create for our clients are short and are an additional investment in our client packages. If a client wants to create a film, it is definitely a discussion to have that requires more communication, ironing out the details, and assessing if the client's vision is something we can create as well as within budget. Some clients ONLY want to do cinematic films as well!

How much does a cinematic boudoir film cost?

Like everything else in the world, prices are going to vary! And more often than not, you will get what you pay for! This is definitely a luxury add-on that we aim to provide and that said, the investment to you will be based on the length and complexity of the concept and project.

Many of my client videos are what I call "teaser" videos, which are usually 45 seconds to 1 minute and may be in the area of $400 to produce when part of a client session. Longer and more complex videos can increase in price significantly.

Let's hear about your ideas today! Call us now!



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