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Boudoir is For You, Too | Client Session | Irvine California Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Sessions in Irvine California

An image of woman in lace lingerie bodysuit laying on bed in Irvine boudoir studio

There have been times now that my wife and I have decided to start a boudoir photography business that we wanted to share how much we wanted our friends and family members to do a shoot. My wife Jen knows when I get “that look”—no matter what, I’m going in and want to share my passion. As any artist knows, when you find something that inspires you, you go after it, drawn to it like a moth to the flame.

I told a dear friend in our community what our latest endeavor was, told her what I did, and that I was hosting a photography giveaway opportunity for everyday women to book a boudoir photo session. I told her how beautiful and captivating she was—that her images would be GOLD. Her husband beamed with pride and said “Oh XXXXX, what an amazing opportunity! You have to do this! I’ll watch the kids!”

She looked up and me and said “You are so sweet, but I just can't, it's not for me. I have way too much cellulite!”

I wish I could get people to see what I see, in my mind's eye, when I look at a woman, a wife, a mother.

I wish someone could have captured the look on my face— I stood there, frozen, disappointed, and so heartbroken.

To every woman out there who is waiting for the “perfect time”— wanting to gain weight, lose weight, when the kids are back in school, when there is a milestone or birthday to celebrate, there is no perfect moment. So let’s meet you in the season you are in—messy, imperfect, real, whatever it may be.

Do the scary thing now, and be scared later.

You will never be more ready than you are right now.

An image of woman in lace lingerie bodysuit laying on bed in Irvine boudoir studio

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