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This isn't your every day family portrait, senior graduation, or business headshot kind of photography.  Boudoir photography emphasizes, celebrates, and captures YOU in a moment in time and celebrates how far you've come, in the body and vessel that's helped you get to where you are today.  It's emotionally and spiritually deeper than merely getting your photos taken.  

With Jen's background in mental health and psychiatry and Jason's expertise as a photographer, our focus is to help the everyday woman, wife, and mother learn to love herself, through the lens of boudoir photography. If you are able to love yourself better, our hope is that you can love your spouse, children, and family even more. But it starts with you.

You could be engaged, already married, pregnant, celebrating a birthday milestone (30, 40, 50 years old, etc.), lost 30 pounds, celebrating a college graduation or MBA degree, or wanting to memorialize your 10th wedding anniversary.  Regardless, this is one spectacular way to remember your special occasion.  Also, your boudoir session itself is something very significant.  This is a one-of-a-kind photography session leave you feeling empowered, transformed, and changed for the better. You will leave your session feeling more confident, encouraged, and confident than you've ever felt before!

An image of a photographer looking at the camera to take a photo

Professional Coaching

Shooting with women of all ages and sizes, I will personally coach and guide you in how to pose for every single image in your session.  I'll coach you in how to place your hands, feet, arms, legs, and even guide you in what to do with your eyes.  You'll leave feeling like you had an intense workout because believe it or not, the poses will look effortless in the images!  You won't need any "modeling" or posing experience before your shoot!

An image of woman in leopard bodysuit lingerie posing on a couch in Irvine boudoir studio

Genuine Authentic Images

Images that are you in a natural, sensual, classy and beautiful way.  Vulnerable yet powerful.  Raw and real with a splash of royalty.  These images we create together will absolutely be you in its raw, vulnerable yet powerful glory, unlike you have ever seen before.  Boudoir photography does something for you that no other type of photo shoot can do. It will change your life.

An image of woman in white bridal lingerie laying on bed in Irvine boudoir studio

Professional Hair and Makeup

Professional level hair and make-up is included with every boudoir session.  Enjoy your time getting pampered as you enjoy the music and have some treats as they prep you for this incredible experience! We partner with licensed professional cosmetologists who are masters at their craft.

An image of the JSeboudoir Luxe Bedroom studio

Spectacular Orange County Studio

The cozy JSeboudoir photography studio is designed to have a homey, rustic, luxurious feel.  My sessions are not shot from an actual studio, but from my beautiful home in Irvine, nestled between Laguna and Newport Beach.  It's a safe, welcoming, and warm setting for your ultimate luxury boudoir experience.  Wooden floors, textured furniture, and a luxury king tufted bed will give you a luxurious classy feel. 

An image of a woman in the Luxe JSeboudoir Room Studio in a black lingerie outfit in Irvine

Pre Planning Consultations

You can always reach out to ask questions about the space or the shoot itself.  Your communication and questions are great ways to personally craft your ideas into your shoot, plan the perfect outfits, see the amazing sample albums, talk about pricing, and ask questions. We can also talk over the phone or Skype. As your California boudoir photographer, I want you to serve you by helping you feel as happy and comfortable as you could be.

An image of fine art german made photo albums made by Jason Sebastian of JSeboudoir Studios

Fine Art German Albums

These luxury photo albums are a cut above the rest. They are expertly crafted in Germany with vegan leather and you have the choice for a beautiful acrylic crystal cover. It will be designed in front of you when you choose your favorite images. It will perfectly encapsulate the glamour of your luxury boudoir photography session.

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