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Lingerie for Your Body Type - Orange County Boudoir Photography Marriage Coach

Here at JSeboudoir, we're dedicated to helping husbands and wives celebrate and embrace their spouse's bodies, regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Your spouse appreciates you just the way you are, and it's high time you start feeling the same!

Let's be honest; not everyone can look perfect in every lingerie piece, since every piece is sown and designed differently and so are our bodies. That's partly why when we find that "pair of jeans that fits just right", you feel extra awesome! This feeling can happen, too, with lingerie. There are common body shapes and types that can guide you in selecting lingerie that complements your figure. For my beautiful clients, I've put together a list of recommended styles tailored to enhance various body shapes.

To genuinely enhance your sensuality and femininity, take a moment to consider the assets you appreciate and would like to emphasize. The majority of the recommendations provided aim to enhance your curves. Why? Because curves in your boudoir photos exude undeniable sensuality! So husbands, let's take a look - and wives, read on as well!

Hypnotic Hourglass

This body type is characterized by shoulders and hips that are equally proportioned, accompanied by a slender waistline, resulting in a distinctly feminine physique. When selecting lingerie, capitalize on this shape by opting for pieces that highlight and accentuate your waistline.

What to choose:

  • Corset or bustier: Both cinch the waist to emphasize the hourglass figure even further.

  • Garter/suspender belt: Accentuates your smaller waist and adds a touch of undeniable sexiness.

  • Teddies: Yep. They will work on you!

  • Bra & High leg stocking sets: Showcases your curves.

  • Anything: Yes, you're among the fortunate ones!

Juicy Pear (Triangle)

This indicates a more petite upper body structure, not necessarily limited to a smaller bust but characterized by a smaller top or narrow shoulders with a body that gradually widens toward your waist.

What to choose:

  • Ruffled bra set: Match it with high-cut, low-waisted bottoms to create a slimming effect on your lower half.

  • Bandeau: A straight cut across your torso will give the illusion of width—pair it with a brief or high-waisted bottom to enhance your curves perfectly!

  • Babydolls: Snug at the top, looser at the bottom—achieving a harmonious balance for your body line.

Captivating Carrot (Inverted Triangle)

This is essentially the polar opposite of the pear-shaped body. It signifies a wider-framed upper body build with slightly broader shoulders and smaller hips. The lingerie you opt for is more about emphasizing or minimizing specific body parts based on personal preference, but these suggestions are aimed at enhancing those curves.

What to wear:

  • Halter neck bralets/bras: They look great on your body.

  • Chemises: Cinch around the hips, showcasing your behind.

  • Teddies: Form a beautiful v-shape that complements the natural contour of your body.

  • Matching cami sets: Provide a relatively straight look.

Radiant Rectangle

Your hips, shoulders, and bust align closely, and you might benefit in accentuating your waistline.

What to wear:

  • Corsets: Enhance your curves and exude sensuality.

  • Ruffled bralette & boy shorts: Provide added shape to your bust and hips.

  • Garter/suspender belt: Contributes to defining your waist.

  • Teddies: Ideal for those with a lengthier torso.

  • Push-up bodysuit or bustier: Give yourself a little lift.

  • Crop top with briefs or boy-shorts: Elongate your chest and create a balanced look.

Luscious Apple (Round)

Curvy: Your midsection is rounded, and your torso and upper body exhibit greater width than your hips.

What to wear:

  • Teddies & bodysuits: Opt for a sexy bodysuit or teddy with a deep V-neck if you aim to elongate your body's silhouette.

  • Halter bra with high waist panties: Lifts your breasts slightly and can create the illusion of a smaller waist. Pair it with high waist, retro knickers for a feminine look that offers extra coverage for your midsection.

  • Babydolls/negligee: Snug at the top, looser at the bottom to accentuate your bust and provide coverage if you're feeling self-conscious. (We may begin with this to boost your confidence in showcasing more of your sexy body!)

Note to everyone:

When selecting underwear for your private boudoir experience, avoid thin g-strings... and opt for at least one pair of "cheeky" undies. Husbands: a trick when capturing your wife is to encourage her to give herself a bit (or a lot) of a wedgie, but I assure you it's worth it when you capture her!

References & Lingerie Definitions:

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