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Home Boudoir Photography: Tips for Prepping Your Home For Your Wife

When prepping for a DIY boudoir photography shoot at home for your wife, there are several tips to consider:

  1. Find a Comfortable Place: Choose a location where you feel comfortable, such as a bedroom or couch, and declutter the background to keep the focus on you. Typically choose the living room or the bedroom.

  2. Choose One Location: If it's your first shoot, keep things very simple. Don't pick multiple locations. Less is more. When in doubt, pick the bedroom.

  3. Prep Outfits in Advance: Boudoir photos often feature lingerie. My go-to every time is a lingerie bodysuit. It flatters all body types! Check out some ideas here at our online store - LINK

  4. Good Lighting: Look for a location with lots of natural light, preferably diffused behind white-colored curtains or blinds. Avoid harsh top light or fluorescent lighting. Especially if this is your first shoot with her at home, I suggest against using any type of strobe or artificial lighting.

  5. Music: it can help get you in a creative flow and set the mood for her as well!

  6. Poses: Have your poses ready in advance that you want to capture. If your inspiration is on your phone, have it in your pocket and ready to go to refer to. Here are some examples of top poses I have taken in the past - LINK - to protect the identity of my clients, I've removed their faces from them. That said, you can still see the poses and draw inspiration from the images.

  7. Communication: Learn and practice how to communicate to your wife when it comes to posing her.

Remember, boudoir photography is about capturing your wife's confidence and unique beauty, so enjoy the process and make the best experience for her.

Hope this is helpful. Have fun during your home boudoir shoot!




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