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10 Mistakes to Avoid On Your Home Boudoir Photography Shoot

When preparing for a home boudoir photography shoot for your wife, it's VERY easy to get really excited seeing your wife in this type of environment: risque outfits in your bedroom, while you're a photographer & director of an epic boudoir experience. It is so important to avoid certain mistakes to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience not just for you, but most importantly for her. If you do everything right, this could be an uplifting enjoyable experience for her - or a disaster that she won't want to enter into again! Here are some common mistakes that I've learned after speaking with many clients as well as my own experience as a boudoir photographer for my wife:

  1. Not Planning for the Shoot: For starters, plan as much as you can. Make it seamless from one pose to the next. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Try to anticipate and prepare for every aspect of the shoot so that you show mastery over the experience.

  2. Having a Negative Attitude: Encourage a positive mindset and openness to the experience. You have to make sure that as you move from pose to pose, all mistakes are not because of what she is doing as your subject - the issues with any captured image are from you, the photographer. Don't criticize how she is posing herself, since you are the one who must be directing her. If there's an image you don't like, don't say anything negative. If a pose isn't working out, move to the next one. Just say, "Great job! We got it. Let's move to the next pose". Lastly, coming in with a negative attitude can detract from the enjoyment and the potential for capturing genuine moments as well as her desire to want to do future boudoir shoots with you.

  3. Not Communicating Effectively with Your Wife: Effective communication with her is crucial. It's important to know how to get her to pose properly to flatter her figure as well as elongate her body. There are different techniques to do this that you can read HERE. Before your shoot, it's also important to express preferences, concerns, and her comfort levels to ensure a successful and enjoyable shoot. You don't want to ask her to get into a pose or an outfit that she isn't comfortable with. Make it an ongoing conversation, and allow her to express her desires prior to the boudoir shoot date. That will ensure expectations are clear and that it's enjoyable for her AND for you!

  4. Not Prioritizing Advanced Fittings: Ensure that outfits fit well and make your wife feel comfortable and confident. Ill-fitting outfits can detract from the overall experience and the resulting photos. That said, if she isn't comfortable seeing herself in intimate outfits, your job is to encourage her 100% of the time, all the time! She may look incredible in it and the fit may be perfect, but she may just not be used to it. Here are some outfit suggestions you can find at our STORE.

  5. Ignoring Body Language: Pay attention to your wife's body language and comfort during the shoot. It's essential to prioritize her comfort in order to capture genuine and empowering moments. Also, the poses will get her tired.

Remember, boudoir photography is about celebrating beauty, strength, and sensuality, so avoiding these common mistakes can lead to a more enjoyable and successful photo shoot

Hope this is helpful. Have fun during your home boudoir shoot!





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