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Top Posing Cues for Every Boudoir Shoot for Your Wife

Irvine Boudoir Photography Coach for Married Couples

When preparing for your own private boudoir photography shoot at home, it's important to guide your wife with posing cues to help her feel confident in you and your direction, while also feeling empowered once she sees herself in the images you capture together. Here are some top posing cues that I've use with my clients over the past 8 years:

  1. Arching Back: Encourage your wife to arch (LOWER) her back slightly to accentuate her curves and create a sensual look. A common mistake is to arch from the shoulder blades.

    1. Verbal cue: pop your booty/bum out.

  2. Keep Her Cervical Spine Straight, Not Hunched Over: In all poses, what makes for a more powerful image is good posture. Keep her cervical spine straight.

    1. Verbal cue: shoulders back, chest out.

  3. Facial Expressions: Emphasize the importance of facial expressions to complement the body's beauty. Encourage her to convey confidence and sensuality through her facial expressions

    1. Verbal cue: exhale & fog up a mirror. Don't blow out a candle!

  4. Pointed toes: ballerina toes makes for longer legs in every image. Even if she's standing and not wearing shoes, have her point her toes.

    1. Verbal cue: pointed toes. Extra points if you can point your foot WHILE relaxing your toes, i.e. create the shape of your foot as if it were in a heel. It keeps the toes from curling and looking tense

  5. Hands: Depending on the image you are trying to capture, you can have her hands add to the story. Also, she may be so self-conscious with what the pose and how she looks, that giving her an action to complete will redirect her focus.

    1. Verbal cues:

      1. Run your hands/fingers through your hair OR play with your hair

      2. Flip your hair to one side, and play with the tips of your hair

      3. Run your fingers across your collarbone

      4. Tug at your bodysuit/panties/bra strap

      5. Run your fingers from your ankle to your knee

      6. Stretch up to the ceiling

      7. Run your fingers from your neck to your bellybutton

Remember, boudoir photography is about capturing your wife's confidence and unique beauty, so enjoy the process and make the best experience for her by planning, prepping, and communicating from start to finish.

Hope this is helpful. Have fun during your home boudoir shoot!




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