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Real testimonials from real women
I am humbled they chose me to capture them.
Now I aim to share my expertise and mastery with posing with you now, so you can create a unique boudoir experience for your wife!

Ms. A

​If you're reading this, know that I've been struggling with self-love and body image for a long time. As a woman, I can speak for 95% of women that are out there... I think the idea of perfection doesn't exist, and every woman is perfect in their own way. It's silly to live our lives about our insecurities and criticisms, when we're the only ones who notice it.


I honestly didn't think that some of the certain poses would look good because I don't like how my stomach looks. I didn't think that I would struggle as much as I did choosing my favorite images! They were SO GOOD!

Choose Jason because he is VERY PROFESSIONAL! He and his wife were there for my shoot and it was a warm, safe, home-feel environment. He really makes the most out of his space and he really turns your images into something incredible.  So do yourself a favor and GO FOR IT! It's worth it to capture and see the empowering images that Jason will take!

Build your self confidence and self love. You cant love anyone else until you truly love yourself and it can be so crippling having to deal with insecurities. Don't let anything stop you because you don't want to be that 90% grandma who says, "Man I wish I went to the beach, done photo shoots, and embraced my sexy side"!

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Ms. T

I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I'm 8 months pregnant and wanted to capture myself in this time of my life. Jason's personality and professionality helped me feel so comfortable and confident in the images he would get. I shared with him my insecurities but I knew he would capture the best of me. 

He was so transparent and present the entire time (from hair & makeup to the end of the shoot).  It helped me be so open and comfortable with my body and reveal myself for him to take incredible images. He guided me through how to pose and because of how comfortable I became with him, I didn't feel stiff or had no problem with posing.  

The main thing I focused on was feeling comfortable from the beginning. I feel every woman should at least have this experience ONCE and if you can make it that comfortable for someone, then go with Jason!

Thank you Jason!


Ms. C

Getting to know Jason's journey about his wife and
daughter allowed me to be open and honest about my
own experiences & journey. This allowed us to create a
space to truly appreciate & be kind to who I am & what
I’ve walked through. It was a cathartic, yet powerful
experience from start to finish and totally a beautiful
chapter that I’m incredibly proud of to add into my
book of life. Thank you Jason for sharing that and thank
you for the opportunity.

This created a lasting impact on my life. This is a
chapter that I'm humbled and so proud to have. I leave
with a visual reminder of who I am, where I've been,
and how far I've come.

Documenting the journey is something I wish I had
done a long time ago. Most women wait for the
“perfect” time - needing to be a certain weight, a certain size, a certain life circumstance, a certain whatever it is. But life is beautiful - all parts of it, the beauty is there. Sometimes harder to see, but it’s there! If you can’t find it, I promise that a shoot with Jason will help you find it & see it & appreciate it!

Ms. M

I decided to book a boudoir shoot because I came across his work on Instagram and the images were very beautiful. I fell in love with his work. I was nervous before the shoot since it was my first time and I'm not used to exposing my body in this way. Jason made me feel SO comfortable the day of! The vibe that Jason has is amazing because he makes you feel so comfortable and very professional. He made it feel like it wasn't my first time shooting - it felt like a walk in the park!

I enjoyed getting my hair and makeup done as well as dressing up. When it came to seeing my images, I was completely blown away. I didn't think my images would be good because of my own self-image - I don't think I'm very photogenic. Once I saw my images, I laughed and thought, "Oh my gosh, that's me?!" After my shoot, I feel more sexy and if I could do it, anybody.. any mom can definitely pull it off. It doesn't matter what size you are. Jason will find all your right angles! Definitely do it for yourself and if you're married, do it for your husband and show him you still got it!

You might think your weight isn't where you want it or that you don't feel like you look good enough to take pictures, but once your hair & makeup is done and you're dressed up, you'll feel good! The whole experience was amazing I'm glad I chose to do it. It was an amazing experience and I'll never forget it!

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Ms. D

I felt like I was talking to an old friend while working with him.  I felt very comfortable speaking with him during the entire process especially during the shoot itself. In the very beginning I was a smidge nervous working with a male photographer as opposed to a female. However once we got started on the shoot that wasn't an issue, like at all! I still crack up thinking about our commentary during the shoot.  I had a great time and I know it for sure because my expressions in my photos look so genuine.

He is a very honest and genuine person and you can trust him, especially if you have never done this style of photography before and may be apprehensive and nervous.  I honestly cannot really think how he would make a client feel uncomfortable given how he worked with me.

His attitude and vibe while taking these photos was definitely "Respect and love what you are because you're amazing" and that's another layer of what made this experience so much fun.

If you're reading this, do it for yourself because you only live once. It's an opportunity to celebrate you and how amazing you are. Why wouldn't you take some time, even just a little, to appreciate yourself? Capturing your awesomeness  and fierceness in photos is a great way to remind yourself of who you are/what you can be!

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Ms. G

I think Jason is absolutely extremely talented and as much as I’ve shot (including name photographers), I felt as if my essence was truly captured.  Future photographers have higher expectations and for me - to feel emotion through a photo, it becomes art and is no longer just an image. 

He has found a way to show women themselves, their various personalities, and the beauties in what would be considered the flaws of the body. This is important for women who need to feel confident, see themselves in a different light or a break from pressure or the norm should see themselves without edit.


His entire process makes women feel empowered and beautiful for who they are versus what society pressures us to feel. 
To describe his skill: to me there is no level, there is an eye! In the animal kingdom, I would compare Jason to the skilled and masterful hunter, the eagle. 

He was always extremely professional, kind, considerate, and thoughtful! It is hard to make women comfortable without clothing, I would come shoot with him again no hesitation!

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Ms. S

Jason was incredibly professional, respectful, and well-organized from start to finish. It was clear that so much thought was put into the shoot to make me feel like my best self and the most important woman in the world! 


You will be amazed at how beautiful and sexy and powerful you will feel looking at images of yourself that are designed to showcase your body's natural beauty. The right photographer (like Jason) will make the experience so fun and comfortable that you'll forget that you aren't a professional model. If you're unsure or nervous, that's exactly why you should book. Because one look at your bada** photos will wipe away any doubts in your mind of how gorgeous you are!


He was very affirming while we were shooting and I felt confident and comfortable the entire time. He also made sure to make any minor adjustments needed so the photos turned out the absolute best! Post shoot he was very prompt in returning the photos to me, and the slideshow of my session was a really special touch!


Overall I am extremely impressed by the level of care and service that was put into this photoshoot- thank you Jason!!

Doing a boudoir shoot is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and into your CONFIDENCE zone!

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Ms. R

I found your organization and communication extremely helpful and effective so that I could understand what we were trying to capture. Although I only worked with you once, you had a solid idea of what you wanted, you understood lighting and angles, and was very open minded to opinions and suggestions. Always checked in to see if I was comfortable.

You can trust him, he will check in with you constantly to see how you're doing. If you have any issues he has open ears and mind. He is a magician with lighting and will emphasize parts of your body that maybe you haven't appreciated before - but you will after you see the photos!

Mrs. A

I've always been self-conscious growing up. Then after having children, my body never looked the same.  I couldn't fit into the same clothes, and my body just changed.  I'm so glad that I did my photo session, I never thought I could see myself this way!

I work full-time and have no time for myself, juggling things between work, home, and taking care of things for my family.


It was surprising and I was even shocked to see myself in these images, in another way! That's ME!

My husband was blown away by our album and how the images turned out! I finally started to see how HE sees me.

After shooting with Jason, I feel more empowered and more confident in myself!

Thank you so much!

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Ms. C

I am not a model. This photoshoot is something I wanted to do for myself for a while now. I’ve always thought I was a beautiful girl but wasn’t happy with my body. I’m a woman that has lost about 80 pounds so far, and I had to really love the transformation my body went through. I had to fall in love with my new saggy skin, cellulite, and stretch marks.  

He made my experience amazing.

Jason’s objective of wanting to do this alone left an impact on me, but our conversation was what changed my life. I was left speechless and in tears (happy tears). I wish I could have recorded that conversation to just have that reminder of a complete stranger's perspective on you.


That’s how deep Jason will take you.


This is an amazing experience. He is changing women's lives with his passion and I appreciate him.  Especially for anyone not feeling their best. Stand in your beauty and highlight it.  Jason just has this relaxed energy about him, very personable, relatable, and funny! He will make you feel absolutely confident even if you aren’t feeling your best. Jason’s direction and coaching is wonderful! I highly recommend him! Also, I highly recommend any woman, even those whose never done a photoshoot to book this with Jason for your yourself or for someone special. This is a memory you will not want to miss out on.

The images Jason captures of you is what you get. All natural lighting and angles. In the world we live in today where beauty standards are crazy, Jason is the guy to make you feel like it’s ok and wonderful to be YOU, exactly who and what you are.

Ms. K

He was really friendly, and it was really easy to pose. He gave creative freedom and good direction. I was very relaxed and content the entire time!  He was really friendly and very respectful, even before the shoot. He was so accommodating and made sure that my boundaries were met. 


Seeing myself made me feel very glamorous, elegant, and a lot of the images shot were very cute. It was exciting to see how I'd look! Honestly since I haven't shot boudoir, I went with it and you were 100% respectful, organized, and because of the high level of respect throughout the entire process,


You will be thrilled when you see your images!

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Ms. G

This was my 1st time shooting boudoir and he made it easy and fun. He provided me a mood board which helped me pose and made things so easy.


I loved that he adjusted to the level of comfortably throughout the poses. I am satisfied with the outcome and definitely feel more confident with shooting boudoir. Thank you Jason, it was a pleasure working with you.

I highly recommend!

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